Moonstone, known for the best in New Fiction focused on Classic Characters, announces the first in a series of books featuring one of Pulp’s strangest, most recognized characters.

Award-winning novelist Adam Lance Garcia brings the Green Lama, a hero like no other created by Kendall Crossen in 1940, to Moonstone. Fully licensed by the Crossen Estate, The Green Lama: Scions is the first in an ongoing series that will continue the adventures of Jethro Dumont for a new era.

“In every way,” states Garcia, “the Green Lama, is one of the most unique pulp heroes, a man defined—not by violence—but by peace. He’s a man of contradictions, who defies the very tenets of his faith to battle the darkness around him—and within himself. These stories will cross between mystery, action adventure, and the supernatural, pitting Dumont and his allies against gangsters, Nazis, and demons. These are dark tales, meant to explore the shadows of the pulp world, where the line between good and evil isn’t so easy to define.”

Adam Garcia has signed with Moonstone to be the exclusive writer of the Green Lama as sanctioned by Crossen’s estate.

“Adam Garcia has defined the Green Lama in the 21st Century,” says Joe Gentile of Moonstone. “It is his voice that has helped lift the character out of obscurity, and made him one of the most important heroes in pulp today. We can’t wait to share his stories with our readers!”

Moonstone will be releasing several new stories over the coming years, including new revised and expanded editions of Horror in Clay and the multiple award-winning novel, The Green Lama: Unbound. The Green Lama will also crossover with other heroes in Moonstone’s catalog.

Scions is available for pre-order and will be released on March 26th. The book opens as a cruise ship crashes suddenly on Liberty Island. All onboard are dead by their own murderous hands. All but one. What secrets does the lone survivor harbor within her very soul? And what horrors does she bring? These are questions only the Green Lama can answer! Reintroducing the most unique Pulp Hero ever! In reality, The Green Lama is Jethro Dumont, a millionaire playboy who spent ten years in Tibet and now uses his Buddhist training to pursue Justice for those denied it! Can even the Green Lama, with his mastery of the supernatural and his radioactive salts, be enough to prevent the coming of... Scions?

The Green Lama Legacy begins here!