An Interview the Green Lama Legacy author Adam Lance Garcia     

Who is the Green Lama?

The Green Lama is Jethro Dumont, the worlds’ first Buddhist pulp hero created by Kendell Foster Crossen in 1940 for the Double Detective magazine. There were many subsequent versions—two comic versions, a radio drama, and nearly a TV version—and while the comic stories fell into the public domain, the character has always remained in control of the Crossen Estate.

Dumont’s an incredibly profound—and very human—figure, driven forward by a faith he constantly defies. He also has the most interesting supporting cast, from Montana gunslinger Jean Farrell, to actor Ken Clayton, to New York Police Lieutenant John Caraway, all of whom have proven to be both as heroic and imperfect, as the Lama himself.     

How did you first get involved with the Green Lama?

It would be fair to say that I was raised with the Green Lama. My father is a passionate collector of what he calls “esoteric” golden age heroes, the Green Lama featured prominently among them. He loved the character, in a slightly ironic way, so when a publisher gave me the chance to choose which characters I could write, the Green Lama was without question my only option. I knew I could write the Lama from a true and honest place. What I hadn’t expected was that I was going to fall in love with Jethro and his companions, and what began as one off story became an epic journey that will span decades.

What is the “Green Lama: Legacy”?

The Green Lama: Legacy is the unofficial name of the series of stories I’ve written and am writing for Moonstone, all of which are a direct continuation of the original pulps, moving the characters forward in a single, ongoing narrative. Some of the connections are subtle—throwaway lines that pay off several stories later—others will be more explicit, with characters playing major roles at various stages throughout the course of the series towards a predetermined endgame.

You don’t need read the original stories to appreciate the new tales, but they compliment each other. You can pick up and enjoy The Green Lama: Scions without any foreknowledge, but you can then go back and read the original tales and gain a deeper insight to the overall narrative.

Ultimately, when the series is finished, you will see the Green Lama’s full life story—start to finish—from before he donned the robe to when he realizes his destiny.     

You’ve worked with several publishers before, how do you like working with Moonstone?

Since the moment I started writing pulp, I wanted to work with Moonstone, so this is very much a dream come true.

Whereas other major publishers seem bent on take pulp characters and scrapping what made these characters special—or needlessly updating things that don’t need updating, Moonstone knows how to treat classic characters that not only stays true to the source material, but also gear it towards modern readers. What we have in store in nothing short of epic.